Untold Story of Thiruvalluvar’s Medicine (Kural: 941-950)

Ancient India (Bharatam) had diverse indigenous people practicing their unique ways of life within their social system.  Three sons of Bharatam needs special mention now and at all times for their outstanding acts which unified Bharatam.  Panini, Patanjali, Thiruvalluvar are the three personages who changed the system of education in Sol, Ceyal and Marundu (word, deed and medicine).

Panani, went about visiting various parts of Bharatam, researched the people’s spoken and written language; consolidated their languages in a novel innovative way as “grammar.” He classified all languages into 8 grammar systems.  This is his and mankind’s greatest achievement in linguistics.

Patanjali, followed in the footsteps of Panani but in another field. He took up the yogic practices of the indigenous people who lived all over Bharatam. At the end of his painstaking research, he consolidated the yogic practices into 8 angas (steps) of self-actualization.  This is tremendous achievement that took mankind to new heights and quickened the process of evolution on the path of Self-Actualization.

Thiruvalluvar. King Thiruvalluvar who ruled over ValluvaNad had yet another similar challenge on his hands.  He studied the indigenous medicine practices at his times all over Bharatam; acknowledged that those practices sprung from Nature and was good for healing. But not satisfied with such practices which were diverse and numerous as they did not have a strong base in wholistic healing; meaning healing of the soul-mind-body.  Thiruvalluvar went about setting things right in the medical field in Bharatam. He did this by his mind-blowing observations of the celestial bodies and wrote the science of healing based on the zodiac constellations in the human body.

Thiruvalluvar who was a bold and dynamic person had wits enough to call himself as ‘Gnana vettiyan.’ Under this pseudo name, he brought forth the literature on wholistic-natural-healing and named his treasured book as “Amuri Dharanai.” This ‘Amuri Dharanai’ was for advanced medical practices and covered the 1) Law of Karma, 2) Law of Re-incarnation and 3) Medical Astrology.

Dr. Maxwell Jude of Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo India, will be presenting a unique and rare exposition on the healing science of Thiruvalluvar. He will explain in new light “Amuri Dharanai” from the kural verses 941-950.  The program is organized to celebrate the esteemed personage Thiruvalluvar, on the 16th of January, Tuesday, 2018, at Vidya Bharati Kalyana Mandapam, #55, Bheema Sena Garden Street, Rangaiah Garden, Mylapore, Chennai, 600004. Program is organized by Kutastha Public Charitable Trust.  For further details, please call Dr.Ramakrishnan @ 98414 24981.