Marina Walker’s Forum donates to Kutastha

Mr. Velayutham who attended Kutastha’s program on 16th Jan, 2018, “The untold story of Thiruvalluvar”, appreciated the good efforts of Kutastha Public Charitable Trust and announced his contribution of rupees five thousand. The next morning, 17th Jan, he met up with his friends at Marina and shared his experience had at Kutastha’s program.  On 18th Jan, just after the morning walk at Marina beach, he inspired his friends  to contribute too.  The Marina Walker’s Forum submitted a cheque of Rs.8000/- to Dr. C.V.Ramakrishnan, Trustee of Kutastha Public Charitable Trust.

Mr. Velayutham shares his experience with his friends and encourages them to donate to Kutastha

Dr. Ramakrishnan was overwhelmed by this gesture of his friends who are determined to see the good works continue through Kutastha.  Kutastha thanks each one of them: Thiru A.R.K. Radhakrishnan, Thiru J. Govinden, Thiru Selvaraj, Thiru Gunasekar, Thiru Kannusamy, Thiru Steel Shanmugam, Talaivar K. Palaniappan, Professor Dr. Balasundram and Mr. Velayutham.

Srikanth is Kutastha’s 100th student

Dear Friends,
We are happy to announce that Srikanth of 9th Std, studying in Vethathiri Maharishi Higher Secondary School, Thirutani; is our 100th student. Srikanth’s father has received Rs.10,000/- towards school fees.
Srikanth’s father works as a ‘Gurukkal’ in a village pillaiyar temple and has no fixed income.
We thank our donors  who had supported the cause of Kutastha for the past 3 years since Kutastha’s launch.
Kutastha Public Charitable Trust
Punjab National Bank
R.H. Road, Chennai 600 004
Current Account Number 4386002100012872
IFS Code PUNB0438600
Best Wishes to All for a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year 2018

Story of Samuel’s dignity to life

We hold these Truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happinessthe American Declaration of Independence 
A group of People had a Vision.
To improve the Quality of Life through Education. To restore dignity to Life. These like minded people came together to form the Kutastha Public Charitable Trust.  To give effect to their vision, these people set out to help students who due to financial distress, would have dropped out of the education system.  Identifying deserving students, the Kutastha Trust has these past three years helped over 90 students by paying their annual fees, be it primary, middle school, high school students or college level. The criterion was not how well they fared in their exams so much as their eagerness to get education.
Project Samuel
Meet Samuel, 11 years old, a paraplegic, confined to a wheelchair, but determined to go to school. This he does in a plastic chair mounted on a rusty wheelchair frame, pushed and pulled by his two brothers.
The distance to school is 4 kms. The time taken— over One hour. To reach school, Samuel and his brothers have to cross a stream. Their struggle, their laughing, good natured determination have been captured in a short but powerful French documentary by Pascal Plisson titled On the Way to School.
On the Way to School
The documentary highlights the plight of four children in different parts of the world for whom it is a daily struggle, often life threatening, to reach school.
Samuel’s story was captured in film by Ignite Films , Chennai, starring Samuel himself, his brothers, parents and schoolmates. The documentary released on Netflix in 2013 has had over two million viewers. Out of this emerged Project Samuel
The Way to School Foundation based in France, has offered to partner Kutastha Public Charitable Trust to help through donations in educating Samuel and other children in similar circumstances. The Trust was approached by Isabelle Delmas Project Manager of the Ways to School Foundation in this regard. This collaboration resulted in  two 3-wheeler for Samuel at cost Rs. 67500/-. The delight on Samuel’s face and the joy of his parents was reward enough. But wait! The story is not over!
PET Mobile
The documentary was viewed on Netflix in USA by Alice P. Weiss of PET Mo- Columbia. They make PET— Personal Energy Transportation. Highly cost effective wheelchairs, that are really sturdy wooden wheelbarrows with large rubber wheels that can be cranked by hand. Alice Weiss got in touch with Way to School Foundation and offered to send Samuel a PET mobile free.
What was started in a small way by Kutastha has gone global!
Helping hands
Samuel’s success story should not take away from the Kutastha Trust’s other achievements.
Keeping their vision for a Life of Dignity in mind, the Kutastha Trust has donated time and money to the cause of elders who find themselves bereft of family, now living out their lives in Old Age homes.
These past three years, members of the trust spend time with the elders at the Sri Vidhya Home, Ramapuram, Chennai, sharing festival moments with them, distributing clothes, sweets, food and arranging music programmes to uplift their spirit, or just lending a ear.
The Trust has further spent about Rs. 26000 in providing medicines for cancer patients.
In the three years since inception Kutastha Trust has forged strong links of helping hands reaching out to those who need help. The linked hands have spread across the globe to the US and to France!
You Can Help!
The Kutastha Public Charitable Trust has been recognized as a public charitable Trust by the Commissioner of Income Tax (Exemptions) u/s 12aa of the Income Tax Act.  Their Unique Registration Number is URN aactk5209f/05/15-16/T-0280/80G dated 20.8.015.
Donations to the Trust can claimed under S. 80G.
Contributions may be made to
Kutastha Public Charitable Trust
Punjab National Bank
R.H. Road, Chennai 600 004
Current Account Number 4386002100012872
IFS Code PUNB0438600
Let us forge a bond, reach across to help those in need.
By: Geetha Krishnamurthy

Untold Story of Thiruvalluvar’s Medicine (Kural: 941-950)

Ancient India (Bharatam) had diverse indigenous people practicing their unique ways of life within their social system.  Three sons of Bharatam needs special mention now and at all times for their outstanding acts which unified Bharatam.  Panini, Patanjali, Thiruvalluvar are the three personages who changed the system of education in Sol, Ceyal and Marundu (word, deed and medicine).

Panani, went about visiting various parts of Bharatam, researched the people’s spoken and written language; consolidated their languages in a novel innovative way as “grammar.” He classified all languages into 8 grammar systems.  This is his and mankind’s greatest achievement in linguistics.

Patanjali, followed in the footsteps of Panani but in another field. He took up the yogic practices of the indigenous people who lived all over Bharatam. At the end of his painstaking research, he consolidated the yogic practices into 8 angas (steps) of self-actualization.  This is tremendous achievement that took mankind to new heights and quickened the process of evolution on the path of Self-Actualization.

Thiruvalluvar. King Thiruvalluvar who ruled over ValluvaNad had yet another similar challenge on his hands.  He studied the indigenous medicine practices at his times all over Bharatam; acknowledged that those practices sprung from Nature and was good for healing. But not satisfied with such practices which were diverse and numerous as they did not have a strong base in wholistic healing; meaning healing of the soul-mind-body.  Thiruvalluvar went about setting things right in the medical field in Bharatam. He did this by his mind-blowing observations of the celestial bodies and wrote the science of healing based on the zodiac constellations in the human body.

Thiruvalluvar who was a bold and dynamic person had wits enough to call himself as ‘Gnana vettiyan.’ Under this pseudo name, he brought forth the literature on wholistic-natural-healing and named his treasured book as “Amuri Dharanai.” This ‘Amuri Dharanai’ was for advanced medical practices and covered the 1) Law of Karma, 2) Law of Re-incarnation and 3) Medical Astrology.

Dr. Maxwell Jude of Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo India, will be presenting a unique and rare exposition on the healing science of Thiruvalluvar. He will explain in new light “Amuri Dharanai” from the kural verses 941-950.  The program is organized to celebrate the esteemed personage Thiruvalluvar, on the 16th of January, Tuesday, 2018, at Vidya Bharati Kalyana Mandapam, #55, Bheema Sena Garden Street, Rangaiah Garden, Mylapore, Chennai, 600004. Program is organized by Kutastha Public Charitable Trust.  For further details, please call Dr.Ramakrishnan @ 98414 24981.


Story of Balamurugan (Visually Handicapped), Reflexologist

Was born sighted but unfortunately lost his sight; and also brought an end to his married life. This is the sad story of Balamurugan.  Just when he thought all is gone, he heard of a vocational course offered by National Institute for Visually Handicapped (NIVH), Poonamallee. and joined this course without any expectations.

Sensei Maxwell Jude recounts, “Balamurugan is my third batch student at NIVH.  He had absolutely no idea of what to do with his life after being blinded. I told him to apply himself diligently and he could regain his lost life with pride and dignity.”

Balamurugan went on to successfully complete the 4 months course at NIVH and now runs his own wellness center at 17/53, South Ratha veedhi, panpozhi post, Senkottai taluk, Tirunelveli District, 627807. His contact number is +91-76398 00246.

People from all walks of life come to him for relief from their illness.  Balamurugan is very kind and modest healer.  He always talks about Sensei Maxwell Jude to his clients.  In serious cases, he refers his clients to Sensei Maxwell Jude for consultation and treatment.

ShorinjiKempo changed my life – Dr.Ramakrishnan C.V.

I, C.V.Ramakrishnan first came across ShorinjiKempo at Russian Cultural Centre, Alwarpet. It was a Sunday and my friend Ashok brought me to a public workshop conducted by Sensei Maxwell Jude.  I never heard of Shorinji Kempo before in my life.  I was impressed with the lecture demonstration given by Sensei Maxwell Jude and his team.

I subsequently joined along with Ashok in 2013.  I gained in health and fitness and was impressed to know the healing science of ‘Seiho’ as practiced by Sensei Maxwell.  I followed his teachings of Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo and adhered to it as my lifestyle.

Later on in 2015, Sensei Maxwell Jude said, “The science of Seiho is going to revolutionize India. If we are to practice the Japanese way of healing in India, it is imperative we follow the land laws. As such, lets all of us get registered as medical practitioners”.  We studied alternative medical science and after 2 years, in 2017,  three of us got certified. Sensei Fredrick Anthony, Sensei Maxwell Jude and myself Ramakrishnan.

I am happy to share with you that I now specialize in the magneto-therapy as well as aroma-therapy.  I am a certified “Reflexologist” as well.  Thank you Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo.

I strongly suggest Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo to one and all. It’s different, try it!

Launch of Kutastha, 1 March 2015

Kutastha Public Charitable Trust was launched on 1st March 2015.

Kutastha aims to work closely with deserving students to solve today’s educational challenges.

Kutastha aims to provide uncompromising standards in its mission to serve senior citizens who need support and care.

Kutastha aims to provide palliative care to the sick , through its simple and effective buddhist healing system. The system of healing is both alternative and complementary medicine system.

It is interesting to note that Kutastha was conceptualized by the students of Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo (Japanese spiritual martial art). Having experienced the benefits of japanese healing first hand, the students wanted to reach out to the society at large. That’s how Kutastha Public Charitable Trust was formed.

Kenshi Arul Selvam who is a professional auditor and Kenshi Ramakrishnan, a businessman by profession; conceptualized the aims and ideals of Kutastha along with Kenshi Ashok Raju. On its board of trustees, we have IAS officer, Mr.Sivasailam R. (ex-Chief Secretary of West Bengal State) as permanent trustee and Sensei Maxwell Jude as permanent trustee as well.

Social Defense & Women, 29 March 2015

Kutastha organized the first ‘Social Defense’ camp  to create public awareness. Two important presentations on ‘Psychopaths and Domestic Violence’ was presented by Sensei Maxwell Jude.

Vasantha Kumari Director of INCAD HR Services, was also the guest speaker on this topic. Dr. Vasantha Kumari has vast experience in this field and well appreciated this event.

The chief guest of this event was  the champion Squash Player Aparajitha Balamurugan.  Mr.R.Sivasailam I.A.S. (Retd), delivered the opening speech of this event. Noted social worker, Ms. Sujatha Natarajan also attended this event.

Medical Camp at Dhargas Village 11th June, 2016

Dr.Fredrick of Kutastha frequently attended patients of Dhargas village. Almost all the patients were healed in a few sessions of therapy. Owing to this, The Councillor of Dhargas village requested that we have a full-fledge medical camp in alternate healing .

Kutastha immediately went about planning this medical camp. Our expert team comprised of Dr.Fredrick, Dr.Maxwell, Dr.Ramakrishnan and Dr.Padmini (gynaecologist). Supported by a team of therapists comprising of Karthikeyan, Sathiaseelan, Vijay Kumar and Aishwarya Lakshmi.

The camp was scheduled for 9am-12noon but went on to 1.30pm due to the rise in patients attending the camp.  People of this village was surprised to see that we did not issue them any tablets or poked injections. They first couldn’t believe that a camp without tablets and injections is possible.  In no time, people started to feel the healing benefits soon after therapy and smiled away nodding their heads.


Sivakasi Medical Camp – Feb 2017

In the month of Feb 2017 we gave a presentation on Bodhidharuman and varmakkalai. Due to popular demand, we followed up with our first medical camp at Sivakasi, organized by Ms.Gnanavani.

The expert panel comprises of Dr.Fredrick, Dr. Ramakrishnan, Therapists Vijay, Karthik, Sankhar. They are experts in the Japanese system of healing which we are practicing in India for nearly 24 years.

About 28 patients gained from this medical camp in a single day.