Secrets of Varma Cuttiram

As a cradle of civilization, ancient India offered the world many arts and sciences to combat the forces both external and internal of mankind.  One such art is varmakkalai.  While this science has spread the world over in the form as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese, Korean medicine; In India it has remained stagnant for want of understanding and decipherment.

Many scholars least attempted to understand the texts written by the Siddhars in vain. Sensei Maxwell Jude successfully managed to decipher the works of the great Siddhars by using the element of astrology, of which the SriChakra is crucial.  Both SriChakra and Varmams remained in a shroud of mystery till date.

With this research, varmology is ressurrected to international standards of understanding and throws light on the uniqueness of the Indian acupressure system which is more of zodiac points in a constellation of human body.

This research begun in 2004 and successfully culminated in 2017.