ShorinjiKempo changed my life – Dr.Ramakrishnan C.V.

I, C.V.Ramakrishnan first came across ShorinjiKempo at Russian Cultural Centre, Alwarpet. It was a Sunday and my friend Ashok brought me to a public workshop conducted by Sensei Maxwell Jude.  I never heard of Shorinji Kempo before in my life.  I was impressed with the lecture demonstration given by Sensei Maxwell Jude and his team.

I subsequently joined along with Ashok in 2013.  I gained in health and fitness and was impressed to know the healing science of ‘Seiho’ as practiced by Sensei Maxwell.  I followed his teachings of Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo and adhered to it as my lifestyle.

Later on in 2015, Sensei Maxwell Jude said, “The science of Seiho is going to revolutionize India. If we are to practice the Japanese way of healing in India, it is imperative we follow the land laws. As such, lets all of us get registered as medical practitioners”.  We studied alternative medical science and after 2 years, in 2017,  three of us got certified. Sensei Fredrick Anthony, Sensei Maxwell Jude and myself Ramakrishnan.

I am happy to share with you that I now specialize in the magneto-therapy as well as aroma-therapy.  I am a certified “Reflexologist” as well.  Thank you Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo.

I strongly suggest Kongo Zen Shorinji Kempo to one and all. It’s different, try it!

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