Medical Camp at Dhargas Village 11th June, 2016

Dr.Fredrick of Kutastha frequently attended patients of Dhargas village. Almost all the patients were healed in a few sessions of therapy. Owing to this, The Councillor of Dhargas village requested that we have a full-fledge medical camp in alternate healing .

Kutastha immediately went about planning this medical camp. Our expert team comprised of Dr.Fredrick, Dr.Maxwell, Dr.Ramakrishnan and Dr.Padmini (gynaecologist). Supported by a team of therapists comprising of Karthikeyan, Sathiaseelan, Vijay Kumar and Aishwarya Lakshmi.

The camp was scheduled for 9am-12noon but went on to 1.30pm due to the rise in patients attending the camp.  People of this village was surprised to see that we did not issue them any tablets or poked injections. They first couldn’t believe that a camp without tablets and injections is possible.  In no time, people started to feel the healing benefits soon after therapy and smiled away nodding their heads.


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