Welcome to Kutastha! We are a Public Charitable Trust set up to serve our society with educational and health care assistance financially.


Kutastha provides sponsorship to low-income-group (LIG) students who are unable to continue higher studies.  Such students may contact us and we will guide you through the process to avail of such sponsorship.


Life Force Health Care Clinic and Institute is a Unit of Kutastha.  Professional and Complementary Therapies are provided to the sick through Life Force Health Care Clinic and Institute.


Marina Walker’s Forum donates to Kutastha

Mr. Velayutham who attended Kutastha’s program on 16th Jan, 2018, “The untold story of Thiruvalluvar”, appreciated the good efforts of Kutastha Public Charitable Trust and announced his contribution of rupees five thousand. The next morning, 17th Jan, he met up with his friends at Marina and shared his experience had at Kutastha’s program.  On 18th …


Astro-Reflex Therapy course is based upon 1 century A.D. Tantric-Buddhist Medical Astrology.  It provides a comprehensive base for diagnosis and prognosis and treatment of diseases based on the nativity chart of the individual. To join this course, please contact Dr.Ramakrishnan @ 98414 24981.